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In the world of Classic Dressage, I have developed my abilities as a horseman as well as a trainer, combining both in my day to day life. I have worked in Stud farm, I have ridden all kinds of horses, both my own and from clients, and I have trained students of all levels.

All the above has helped me to educate myself as a person and become the professional I am today.

My fondness and connection with Classic Dressage is one of long-standing. I have had a connection with horses since I was three and even though I started off as a “jumper”, when I turned nine I opted for the discipline of dressage, which has become my passion.

At the age of twelve I began to compete, and I also started my period of formation. 

I was first guided by Alfredo Perez, to later be under the direction of  Juan Matute, who is the real artifice of who I am today. Antonio Díaz Porras contributed to the final touches of this process.

Although I have never stopped riding, I have also considered the importance of my personal education, holding a degree in Administration and Business Management as well as Business Science. I even moved with one of my horses to the Netherlands to make the most of the advantages offered by the Erasmus program and experiment new ways of training in this country.

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