I offer intensive lessons with the aim of helping to improve the pairing (or tandem) and reach a greater perfection between the both.

Depending on the preferences of the client, these lessons can take place in my facilities or at their own household; with their own horses or with the possibility of borrowing one of mine throughout the clinic.

Far from seeing the clinic as some lessons in a specific moment, I raise it as a process to get the most out of these lessons, and that is the reason why I offer the following services in the clinics:

  • Video reception of the pairing in the previous days to the course to analyse the aspects that need to be emphasized and worked on during the lessons.
  • Practical lessons with the pairing as well as riding the pupil’s horse myself, always explaining everything step by step.
  • Theoretical lessons to watch the videos sent the previous days, the clips of the lessons recently carried out or videos of other riders that I consider interesting.
  • The sending of a written report a few days after the end of the clinic, which will reflect the weaknesses and strengths of the pairing, work plan to follow and a series of tips.
  • The sending of the videos after the clinic to further observe the evolution and, if necessary, correct some mistakes.

We can find the format that adapts best to your needs. Contact me to further discussion, so we can talk about it and I can come up a proposal that fits you the most.


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