Enrique Serrano

Horse training
and Rider’s training

Horse training
and Rider’s training

What I do?

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Horse training

I work with all kinds of horses, since breaking up foals to GP (Grand Prix).

Rider’s training

Training available for all levels, from the beginners or novice riders to professionals.

Complete horse riding guidance

We alternate ridings of my own as well as guided ones by the horse’s owner.

Guidance in contests

Competition is always a key point and a much more demanding field than the daily work.


I offer intensive lessons with the aim of helping to improve the pairing (or tandem) and reach a greater perfection between the both.

Depending on the preferences of the client, these lessons can take place in my facilities or at their own household; with their own horses or with the possibility of borrowing one of mine throughout the clinic.


I currently develop my professional activity in Centro Hípico Los Llanos, located in Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid.

However, I can come over to the club where you develop your equestrian activity to help you out. Together we will find the most suitable option for both.


Each rider needs a specific type of horse according to their abilities, knowledge, physical shape and level of work or competition. Therefore, helping you find the most suitable one is a fundamental task.

Considering my experience, I can help you find your ideal horse, not only amongst my own, but also going deep market research to find the one that adapts the most to what you are looking for.

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